Scruddle Features

A single inbox with all of your stuff

Scruddle simplifies how you view, find, organize, and share stories & headlines, by streaming it into a customizable, single inbox.

This includes news from a wide variety of publishers and outlets from across the world, which you can easily browse and include in your inbox.

It also includes feeds from Twitter and Facebook.

You can get to your inbox from our website, and Scruddle Inbox for Android and iOS.

News stories & headlines

From local to worldwide, and from sports to entertainment to politics to business, Scruddle lets you find the news that matters to you, and view those headlines in your inbox.

Add even more stories to your inbox by adding social profiles, like Facebook and Twitter.

Have a favorite blog in your news reader, that isn't yet in Scruddle? Add a custom news profle, and add an RSS feed.

Even more features are available with Scruddle Premium, to increase the scope and depth of your inbox.

Customizable organization

How is Scruddle different from other readers? The funnels, of course.

Adding all of these news and profiles to your inbox can obscure the information you want to see, when you want to see it. That's why you can organize everything the way you see fit, with funnels.

Want to group business news together, without social? Done. Want an all sports or entertainment feed? Create that, too. You easily switch back-and-forth between funnels in the app.

Social sharing

What's news if you can't share it?

Any of the stories you see in your inbox can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even email, at the same time.

Customize the story title and hashtags, and even schedule it with Scruddle Premium.

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Stories and headlines, news and social, all together, all shareable.
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