About the company

One inbox for all of your stuff
Scruddle combines a wide variety of news - current events, business, political, entertainment, and more - as well as several social media feeds, including Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, into a customizable inbox. The inbox organization, or funnels, allow you to tailor what you see, when you want to see it. Learn more about the features & benefits of Scruddle here.

Share, everywhere
What's news without the ability to share it? Take tweets, and post them to Facebook. Share news articles to LinkedIn and Twitter. Even email!

A brief history
Scruddle is based in Fort Worth, Texas, and was founded in 2012. It was envisioned by Mark Doyle, founder and president, as a way to address the hassle of getting and managing news and information across so many apps, websites, and media.

Gordon Rhodes was brought on as co-founder in late-2013, to spearhead marketing, public relations, and fundraising. Read more about how Mark and Gordon teamed up here.

The public beta site [beta.scruddle.com] was launched in 2013, and was opened to anyone, and the official site [scruddle.com] was launched in 2014. While you can still test drive new features on the beta site before anyone else, we encourage you to use the more stable, official site.

Scruddle Inbox for Android was developed by Mark, and was finally released in August 2016. Mark and Gordon teamed up with Code Authority in Frisco, Texas, to build Scruddle Inbox for iOS, which was launched in November 2016.

Watch this interview with Mark Doyle on why Scruddle was started, and why you should use it:

Security first
Security is a priority for Scruddle, and encrypts your sensitive information. For your social media profiles, Scruddle relies on the industry-standard OAuth design, so that your password is never exposed or stored, and you have full control over what Scruddle is able to access.

What do you think?
We'd love your feedback, as that will help us make a better product. Follow us on Twitter and let us know what you think!